Sitting at the dinner table at Hotel Mediterraneo is a great pleasure, because a true travel experience cannot overlook the element of taste.  The excellence, of our cuisine, which has always been one of our distinguishing features, is based on the selection of raw ingredients that are always very fresh and originate from local producers

Research and passion guide our chefs, who are always able to create simple but delicious dishes that can satisfy those who love traditional flavours while also surprising gourmet fans, by appealing to the most refined palates.  Our maître and sommelier will outline all our food and wine specialities

An expert barman will delight you with heavenly cocktails and suggest tastings of liqueurs and spirits in the refined bar or on the beach. 

Upon arrival at the hotel, we invite you to inform us of any type of  foodrequirements you may have, such as intolerances, celiac disease, menus, ethical veganism
and baby food for little ones. 

All our staff will be available to guaranteemaximum assistance.


Weddings and Cerimonies

JESOLO's perfect blend of beauty and romance makes it one of the best wedding locations in the world.